February 22, 2009

We Are Staying At A Ranch!

A little bad news...good news...an answer to prayer:

Bad news...the airline gas and surcharges added $50 to the final cost of our plane tickets. The van rentals switched from 12/15 passenger to 7 passenger vans. The 12 person vans are not available, we had to reserve enough vans to cover the number in our group.

GOOD NEWS...answer to prayer...Pastor James has set us up on a 600 acre ranch on the outskirts of town. The ranch is owned by a couple who have done very well in the oil business and allows ministry groups to us the facility. We have two bunk houses - one for girls and one for guys, separate shower/bath houses. The great thing is NO COST - that will offset the band news above and keep the price at $875.

Ministry update: schools will be out of session there so we should have no problem finding kids to invite to our services. We will also have some clean-up and painting projects to help people with their homes.

Pastor James will be sending me a brochure on the ranch - I will post pictures and info when I receive it.

Keep praying for the team.