October 26, 2017

Missions Trip Roster 2018

As of October 26, 2017: Based on applications received. Those in parenthesis need to turn in applications and/or deposit:

Annika Aldana
Samantha Bejarano
Michael Carter
Ezekiel Johnson
Camila Mendoza
Tyler Ramsey
Anastasia Ravish
Sten Simonsen
Alyssa Tansacha
Sam Tobey
Jacob Winckowski

Lourdes Aldana
Mel Mitchell
Aaron Larva
Leslie Earp
Addy Hines
Marion Ramsey

October 9, 2017

Holiday House 2018

Great News from Addy Hines: Holiday House is set for December 8th to the 23rd with a set up time each night at 4:30 pm. More details coming!

Important Dates Update

Here is the calendar of important dates regarding the trip!