February 26, 2018

Roster for 2019

2019 El Salvador Missions Team of FMCS (as of 1/14/2018)

Attard, Samuel
Baxter, Kaydi
Dillon, Blake
Ferreira, Joshua
Miller, Jackson
Neville, Chase
Oswald, Dominic
Smith, Ethan
Stutman, Gisela
Wheeler, Arden

Baxter, David
Dillon, Alyssa
Dillon, Jeff
Dillon, Mallory
Ferreira, Elisama
Lang, Drew
Lugo-Delgado, Zuleka
Mitchell, Mel
Mendoza, Camila
Neville, Tina
Quinn, Linda
Stutman, Marielena

January 22, 2018

Weekend at First Assembly

Next Event on the journey to El Salvador:

Missions team dedication in services at First Assembly February 3rd and 4th:


3rd: Saturday night, arrive 5:45 pm in the First Assembly sanctuary and sit up front with Mr. Mitchell. You will come to the front, down on the floor level, and line up facing the audience after Sten speaks and walks down to the floor. (Follow Miss Earp). You will not have to stay for this service so after the prayer, QUIETLY walk right out the side door and leave.

4th: Sunday, arrive by 9:15 am and sit down front again with Mr. Mitchell. Same procedure except after the prayer we go back to our seats and stay for the service. Don't leave after first service because people will take your seats. At the 11:00 service the teachers and staff will be going up with you when it comes to prayer time, BUT you can leave QUIETLY after the prayer and head out the back door.

THANK YOU! We need the prayers of as many people as possible. It always excites our church to see young people head out to the missions field.

Dress nicely for each service (no jeans or dress down)

November 10, 2017

Holiday House Fundaiser Cancelled

Breaking Bad News (not about the TV show Breaking Bad, but not good news...) - we have been informed by the Board of the Burroughs Home/Holiday House that we will NOT be able to do our fundraiser there this year. Addy was just contacted today. So...this hurts but it does not take the Lord by surprise. We need to pray for another opportunity, another door to open. I know teams in the past had car washes here on Saturdays. If any parents and students want to get together and do that, we do have some supplies here and we can check with the church to use this area - but that is just an idea. 

November 5, 2017

The week of November 6-10


- On your calendar of IMPORTANT DATE this Friday is the "Point of No Return." This applies to all those that are planning on attending the trip will be financially responsible for purchasing their plane ticket. We have to commit a number to the airline so we have to know exactly who is going now.

-  Make sure you have signed up with Addy DIRECTLY about working the Holiday House. We need parents to do that so that all conflicts are checked and that you mark those dates on your calendar when you are expected to work. Basketball players should make sure they do not have game conflicts. We need people to commit because canceling puts pressure on others to fill a spot in the last minute and that is difficult at times. Be in prayer for a great time of giving this year for the missions team.

October 26, 2017

Missions Trip Roster 2018

As of October 26, 2017: Based on applications received. Those in parenthesis need to turn in applications and/or deposit:

Annika Aldana
Samantha Bejarano
Michael Carter
Ezekiel Johnson
Camila Mendoza
Tyler Ramsey
Anastasia Ravish
Sten Simonsen
Alyssa Tansacha
Sam Tobey
Jacob Winckowski

Lourdes Aldana
Mel Mitchell
Aaron Larva
Leslie Earp
Addy Hines
Marion Ramsey

October 9, 2017

Holiday House 2018

Great News from Addy Hines: Holiday House is set for December 8th to the 23rd with a set up time each night at 4:30 pm. More details coming!

Important Dates Update

Here is the calendar of important dates regarding the trip!

August 28, 2016

Roster for Missions Team 2017

Roster for Missions Team based on paperwork/deposit turned in as of 1/20/17:

8th grade students:
- Annika Aldana
- DeAngelo DiBella
- Wesley Douglas
- Isabel Gequelin
- Manny Jofre
- Max Maupin
- Camila Mendoza
- India Nataro
- Grace O'Grosky
- Sarah Porter
- Annelisa Swiersz

Alumni Students:
- Laura Gequelin
- Elizabeth Swiersz

- Mel Mitchell
- Aaron Larva
- Lourdes Aldana
- Peter DiBella
- Leslie Earp
- Anairam Fernandes
- Shane Maupin
- Lori Porter
- Bethany Smith

June 7, 2016

Techincal Issues

Due to technical issues and the wfi in El Salvador vs. American wifi, we updated the missions trip on our Facebook FMCS Parent Page. Thanks

March 24, 2016

March 8, 2016

Picture of the Day

Kindergarten students pray for Kaitlyn Nicolosi as she prepares to go on her missions trip to El Salvador!

Missionaries to the Classrooms

Another step towards their missions trip - the 8th graders were assigned a preschool or elementary class to report to and they were able to speak about their trip and pass out prayer cards. When they return, they will bring back pictures and stories about what happened in El Salvador!

February 4, 2016

Update: Reminders and Changes

March 24th will be here before you know it - so let's keep praying every day for the great opportunity we have before us!

Here are some reminders of what you need to keep posted on your calendars:

February 19: Total of $1400 due in your account & your passport should all be turned in to the office
March 5-6 weekend: Missions team prayed for Saturday night at 6:00 pm/ Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 service – attend ALL services. More details coming. Team will go before the church in every service.

March 8: (CHANGED FROM THE 7TH) 8:30 AM, Eighth graders visit the elementary classroom that will be praying for them

March 10 : “ALL TEAM MEETING” – all adults and students going on the tripMANDATORY, 6:30 PM to 8:30 pm, MOVED TO ROOM 131 IN THE MIDDLE SCHOOL, Dinner will be provided. This is a great night for the entire team that is going to meet each other before we step on the buses on the 24th, share and pray as a team.

March 24-30: Missions trip 2016!!