February 9, 2009


TOMORROW - We are coming to the date of February 10th - if your name is still on the missions trip roster, YOU HAVE PURCHASED A PLAN TICKET.We have to get the names to Continental Airlines, so that date is the deadline. Please email Mr. Mitchell or call at 939-4642.Thank you - keep praying!

Current Roster:

Olivia Bissell
Brittany Cannova
Cory Erickson
Zach Felice
Steve Felice
Leo Hinkley
Abby King
Lyndsey Mabrey
Quade Marinell
Sarah McLaughlin
Tim McLaughlin
Jessica Miller
Bill Miller
Andre Morisseau
Rebekah Neat
Wes Opauski
Jessica Gibbs
Kiersten Royal
Dan Royal
Kaitlin Schafe
Anne Marie Schafe
Courtney Schopke
Maria Swiersz
Christine Swiersz
Haley Zigler
Mel Mitchell
Lee Mitchell
Dusty Zarick
Dorothy Gulbronson
Jordan Gulbronson