September 20, 2014

Praise report

Back in August, at Open House, we suggested the new site:

Praise report: Hannah Upton raised all her money in 25 days on that website!

September 2, 2014

The First Roster (as of 9/3)

Here is the first roster for the 2015 missions trip based on what has come in so far:

Lucas Bell
Stephanie Blum (need application papers)
Hailey Burton
Alex Coval
Zach Engren
Treven Figeroa
Laura Gequelin
Sam Goguen
Savanah Hastings 
Josh Heald
Alexis Mast
Manny Mendoza
Mulon Missick
Jayne Parker
Elizabeth Swiersz
Lleyton Taylor
Hannah Upton

Alumni Peer Sponsors
Lynzi Baxter
Sarah Swiersz

Mel Mitchell
Lee Mitchell
Aaron Larva
Anairam Fernandez
David Heald
Lisa Mast
Shane Parker