December 12, 2011

Updated Roster, as of 12/16/11

Based on those forms and deposits

8th graders:
Levi Doerr
Gabby Duenas
Joshua Harvey
Mikey Herrera
Kayla Lindsey
Jada LoSauro
Riley McAtee
Chastity Roark
Sarah Swiersz
Tristian Upton
Tori Weller
Tyler Williams

Angela Doerr (parent)
Maria Swiersz (alumni)
Tom Swiersz (parent)
Sheron Weller (parent)
Lee Mitchell
Mel Mitchell
Robin Mitchell (alumni)
Pastor Brandon Strickler

December 9, 2011

Let The Fundraiser Begin!

Pray for a great fundraiser and outreach at the Holiday House the next two weeks! Thank you Mrs. Williams!

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