May 11, 2009

Student Comments About the Trip

"This trip to Corpus Christi, Texas was amazing. I really felt that I got closer to God." Olivia Bissell

"I loved everyone on this trip and I really got closer to alot of people. God put this group together for a special reason" - Brittany Cannova

"That was the most touching experience I've ever felt. and that's what really stood out to me on this trip." Jordan Gulbronson

"It was amazing how many lives we could touch with some attention and a sandwich." Abby King

"I loved this experience and would go back any day" - Lindsey Mabrey

"My favorite part of the trip was at the Sunday party where a few girls on the trip were asking if a little boy wanted to accept Jesus into his heart...the boy was about seven or eight years old, and to bring a boy that age to Christ was the best feeling I have ever had." - Quade Marinell