January 17, 2013

MIssions Blog Update for January 17

Now that the dust has settled after the location change and the Christmas break, here are some updates:

1. The Saturday (26th) practice for next week has been postponed. With the change in ministry, it may not been as crucial for the kids to learn how to put on clown make up.

2. Students worked on their testimonies today in their new missions trip elective on Thursday.

3. I encourage the students to pray as a family and a team over the next 60 days before we go on March 21st.

4. PLEASE make plans for the team to be in attendance the weekend of March 2-3 at First Assembly for the Saturday night service (6:00) and Sunday services (9:30 and 11:00). The team will be joining me on stage to support the school and to be prayed over before the missions trip. 

Keep checking our blog!