December 7, 2015

Update on 12/7/15

Dear Team,

1) With all of the recent events in Paris and California, I just wanted to share this word from King's Castle:

"People need to pray and trust the Lord—wherever they go. In light of what just happened in San Bernardino, it can happen anywhere in the world—even in the USA.

But like we have always said, you are always safest in the Hand of God, wherever He guides and directs you.

We hosted 100 teams last year. More are booking this year. We will be praying for you that God will show you what you should do.

Blessings, Terri Triplett"

In the months to come, we will pray for safety, protection and wisdom heading into this journey. We know that God's Word says that we should not have a "spirit of fear but power, love, and a sound mind." Our first team in 1991 dealt with an unknown Gulf War and increased security at US venues, sporting events and airports. Let's pray for a great experience.

2) Holiday House is coming! I will speak to the students about conduct and talking points while they are working over the next couple of weeks:

- the students should do most of the talking, not adults

- tell them the dates, March 24-30 during your spring break

- going to San Salvador, El Salvador

- working with children and adults in the streets, churches, homes - cleaning, clothing distribution, food distribution, church services

- put your tech away and be respectful and relational. We are taking donations, checks payable to FMCS.

- work hard every night! Pray for God's favor with the people!...and great weather!

December 1, 2015

Updated Roster

The missions team for 2016 as of 10/1/15:

Rico Duarte
Alex Garcia
George Hedlund
Myka Massing
Manny Mendoza (alumni sponsor)
McKenzie Miller
Paytn Mowry
Rachel Nave
Kaitlyn Nicolosi
Jaynie Parker (alumni sponsor)
Erin Reeves
Emily Reeves (alumni sponsor)
Dylan Tansacha
Annalisse VanZanten

Gary Harris
Addy Hines
Aaron Larva
Lee Mitchell
Mel Mitchell
Mike Mowry
Shane Parker