January 22, 2018

Weekend at First Assembly

Next Event on the journey to El Salvador:

Missions team dedication in services at First Assembly February 3rd and 4th:


3rd: Saturday night, arrive 5:45 pm in the First Assembly sanctuary and sit up front with Mr. Mitchell. You will come to the front, down on the floor level, and line up facing the audience after Sten speaks and walks down to the floor. (Follow Miss Earp). You will not have to stay for this service so after the prayer, QUIETLY walk right out the side door and leave.

4th: Sunday, arrive by 9:15 am and sit down front again with Mr. Mitchell. Same procedure except after the prayer we go back to our seats and stay for the service. Don't leave after first service because people will take your seats. At the 11:00 service the teachers and staff will be going up with you when it comes to prayer time, BUT you can leave QUIETLY after the prayer and head out the back door.

THANK YOU! We need the prayers of as many people as possible. It always excites our church to see young people head out to the missions field.

Dress nicely for each service (no jeans or dress down)