January 20, 2014

Our 2014 Missions Team

Please pray for our team - 51 days to go!

Eighth Graders: 

Tanner Babcock
Lynzi Baxter
Jordan Bergmann
Briana Gizzi
Christine Jennings
Cole Lewis
Ethan Liebetreu
Malyia Madden
Patrick Pereira
Ben Perri
Emma Ravish
Emily Reeves
Kristina Taylor
Hailey Winter

Tandra Babcock
Dana Barfield
Chris Jennings
Aaron Larva (middle school pastor at First Assembly)
Lee Mitchell
Mel Mitchell
Teri Waite

Edwin Fenelus
Juan Herrera
Jenny Lavorgna
Robin Mitchell
Sarah Swiersz
Austin O'Grosky

January 8, 2014

Holiday House Results

1. The results are in on the Holiday House. Once again, thank you to Mrs. Winter and everyone involved. The profit was divided among the 13 students who do not have their trip paid for at this time. We will be adding $197 to each of their account cards tomorrow and giving the students a copy to bring home. I will extend the $600 balance due until Monday. Once again, we need that money now to help us begin to send payments to the airlines and King's Castle.

2. PASSPORTS - if you have not started the process, it is CRITCAL that you do that as soon as possible. If your student has a passport, now would be the time to begin to turn those in to the office. We are going to need passport numbers for the airline very soon. They will be locked up every night at the school.

Less than 63 days to go! Their first missions trip elective prep class stats tomorrow.