January 25, 2011

January 25 Update

Reminders of upcoming dates from the handouts at the beginning of the year plus one addition:

This Thursday - meeting for the adults that are going on the trip at 6:30 pm

Next Tuesday - $600 in the account for each person going to cover plane ticket and luggage costs (you can email Mr. Mitchell at Mmitchell@fmcs-fl.org or Mrs. Dillon at PDillon@fmcs-fl.org if you need an updated balance total)

February 26 - the last Saturday meeting for the trip. From 9-1 for all the students going on the trip. Make-up session that we will do no other time than the day of the trip.

NEW - March 5 AND 6: FMCS highlighted in all three First Assembly services. Saturday at 6:00 pm, Sunday at 9:30 am and 11:00 am the team will be called up for prayer.

Keep praying - just 64 days before we leave!

Mr. Mitchell

January 7, 2011

January 7 Update

1. Thank you to all of you that we able to minister and raise money at the Holiday House over the break. Over $1900 was raised!

2. Updated Roster for the missions trip: This is our roster as of January 7th for the 8th grade missions trip -

8th graders:
Ariana Bergmann
Dexter Cheal
Thomas Dean
Mallory Dillon
Celine Gulbronson
China Haisley
Jared Horowitz
Zach Liebetreu
Rachel McLaughlin
Robin Mitchell
Janine O'Reilly
Amy Romstadt
Andrew Ryan
Rebecca VanDenstorm
Josiah Vega

Mel Mitchell
Lee Mitchell
Pastor Brandon Strickler
Paula Dillon
Dusty Zarick
Dana Barfield
Joe Romstadt
Josh Vega
Tim McLaughlin
Dorothy Yorty