October 31, 2011

Car Wash/ Drama Practice Saturday

CAR WASH/DRAMA PRACTICE - Fundraiser for the entire team! 9:30 am – 3:30 pm on SATURDAY, November 5th
(For those 8th graders NOT going on the missions trip, come and help us and you can receive community service)

1) It would help if the students or parents could bring towels or car wash sponges or materials that would help - please take them when you are done!

2) Girls - one-piece suits only, if you are going to wear a bathing suits. Guys - shirts stay on.

3) STUDENTS NEED TO BE ON TIME AND PICKED UP ON TIME – 3:45 (exception - the 1:00-3:00 drama team will finish at 3:00 and can be picked up at that time) - there is NO NEED OR THEM TO CALL!!!!!

4) PARENTS: Please be on time for you shift. I am looking for a parent who will head-up the first shift and the second shift. (Basically collecting money, and assign students to hold up signs, assign to wash or dry)
5) We all meet in Mrs. Mitchell’s room at 9:30 am

9:00 – 12:30 car wash/Lunch 12:20-1:00/1:00-3:00 drama
Elijah, Josh Harvey, Tyler, Chastity, Riley, Andy and Kayle
Mrs. Weller heading up first shift/ Ms. Betzer takes the money
■ Other adults helping: Lindsey, Benzon, McAtee

9:00-12:30 drama/12:00-12:30 lunch/1:00-3:30 car wash
 Mikey, Tristian, Gabby, Melissa, Tori and Sarah
Mrs. Herrera heading up second shift/ Ms. Betzer takes the money
■ Other adults helping: Bolton and Swiersz

October 20, 2011

Fundraiser Update

Holiday House Update:

All dates are covered for the Holiday House except for Monday, December 19 and Tuesday, December 20th. If one of these dates will work for you, please give me a call or email. These dates are the night before middle school exams. If any parents would like to pair up and take a night and split the profit, give me a call. I have also started a back-up list for anyone who would like to be 'on call' in case someone is unable to serve that night.

Tina Williams

October 11, 2011

Holiday House Fundraiser

Eight Grade Missions Trip Holiday House Update:

 If you have not yet signed up to work at the Holiday House with your student, and would like to, please give me at call to get your date on the calendar. If you are unsure of what this message is about, it may be that you did not get the green letter sent home in September. Here’s in the information if needed:

We have a wonderful opportunity for you to help raise funds towards the upcoming trip. This was a new fundraiser last year and we have been asked to be a part of this again this year. The Holiday House in downtown Fort Myers is held at the Burroughs & Langford Homes. We have been asked to oversee the area of refreshments by providing cookies, hot chocolate and water bottles for those who visit. Each day, one parent and child will set up, serve and tear down the area that we are responsible for. We will set up a table to serve and tell guests about our trip and our school. Donations will be taken for the drinks and cookies. Once we are finished with this project, all the funds are added up, minus the supplies and will then be divided by the number of days served. Then we will put that amount in your child’s account towards their trip. This was a great fundraiser last year. The kids averaged over $160 each night they worked! This can really add up if you work multiple nights!

 I am in the process of organizing and getting supplies ready for this. I would like to start getting a schedule to make sure we have each day covered. The Holiday House starts on Friday, December 9th until Friday, December 23rd. The hours to start setting up will be 4:45pm until 9pm each evening. I know there is homework and exams, etc. on several of these nights, but if you are able to choose a night that will work for you, let me know. You can bring homework along and try and work on it when there’s free time. You can also bring a sandwich or something for dinner while you are working.
This is a great time to represent our school and to tell others what you are raising money for. Students will receive community service hours for their time. Parents, these hours can count towards the volunteer hours as well, for you.

I will come up with a ‘to do’ list and what’s expected each day and get this to you. Please call me with any questions, or if you would like to get your date on the calendar.

 We have had several parents call and set up dates. There are a few dates left. Please give me a call if you think this would be something you’d be interested in to help raise money for the trip.


Tina Williams