November 6, 2011

Missions Team Update

Reminders about upcoming events – thanks for all your help with the car wash:

Ruby Tuesday’s fundraiser – THIS FRIDAY, all day – bring your flyer; teams gets 20% of all receipts that turn in that flyer. ANYONE can go! Invite friends and family!

Holiday House fundraiser – Tina Williams has families all set-up. If you did not get in, but want to be on the stand-by list, contact her at

□ December 16th - THE POINT OF NO RETURN!  Each year, with the airlines, we reach a time called the “point of no return.” Let me explain what that means. After December 16th, anyone who has turned in their deposit HAS PURCHASED AN AIRLINE TICKET! ($500)

If you end up not going, you will receive a voucher from the airline that will allow you one year to use that ticket to anywhere in the Continental US. Anyone cancelling on the trip, MUST CONTACT ME DIRECTLY – you can see me at the school or call me at 939-4642.

□ January 6th – all members have $600 in their missions account at the school to help us pay for the plane tickets.           

In His Service,

Mel Mitchell