February 1, 2010

Next FMCS Missions Team Meeting

The next FMCS missions team meeting on our calendar is Saturday, February 27th. Originally this was going to be a all day event, but the team would be split into two groups and only be responsible for being their half the time. That will change...

BREAKING NEWS - this will now be a half-day event for everyone.

Date - Saturday, February 27th

Time - 9:15 am to 12:45 pm

Place - Mrs. Mitchell's room and another classroom

Activity - practicing putting on clown make-up , practice skits, and pass out information on what you need to pack for the trip.

If any of the parents on the trip can help us that morning, please email Mrs. Mitchell at Lmitchell@fmcs-fl.org

Any questions, contact Mr. Mitchell. Thanks